Dr. Adnan Aydin

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Soil Mechanics and Ground Engineering, Hydrogeology, Applied Geophysics, Geotechnics.

Recent Projects


Field, laboratory and index testing of intact rock, rock-mass discontinuities, and soils;

Rock and soil microstructure, origin of jointing in rock masses, development of weathering profiles.


Origin and measurement of in-situ stress;

Characterization and classification of rock masses;

Analytical and numerical modeling of rock mass and soil behavior.


Mechanisms and susceptibility mapping of landslides and liquefaction.

Integrated liquefaction hazard map of Laoag City, Phillippines

Fracture-wellbore intersections along a wellbore and corresponding injection streamline patterns


Modeling flow and deformation in single fractures and fractured rock masses;

Well-testing in fractured rocks.


Predicting site response and ocean wave climate parameters from microtremor recordings;

Seismic refraction and reflection, electrical resistivity sounding (VES), and ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Typical tunnel section designed to pass through a collapse zone
In-situ stress measurement in urban setting


Monitoring tunnel induced deformations;

Design of ground excavations.


Subjective and random uncertainties in rock engineering;

Analytical and numerical modeling of flow and deformation of fractured rock masses;

Statistical data analysis.

Signal analysis approach to model rock fracture roughness profiles


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