As Principal Investigator at the University of Mississippi

(August 2010 to present)

  • Use of GIS technology to map morphology and ontogeny of echinoderms – sea urchins, sea lilies, starfish (living and fossil).
  • Use of GIS and imaging technology for organization and information storage for museum collections (fossils, logs, letters, and maps).
  • Use of GIS to characterize flood vulnerability in the Mississippi Delta region.
  • Use of GIS and SWAT to evaluate land-use practices on hydrology of watersheds in north Mississippi.

As Research Associate at the Texas Natural Science Center, Austin, Texas

(January 2010 to August 2010)

  • Process simulation modeling (using SimPy module of Python) of imaging and data migration project for museum collections

As Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Smithsonian Institution (National Museum of Natural History)

(January 2009 to December 2009)

  • Growth modeling of Paleozoic echinoids (sea urchins)

Industry and Government Experience

  • GIS Programmer, 2001-2005, Railroad Commission of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Principal, GIS consulting, 1998-2001, ZacDat, LLC, Austin, TX
  • Senior Scientist, GIS and IT, 1991-1998, Radian International, LLC, Austin, TX
  • Geologist, 1990-1991, Texas Water Commission, Austin, TX
  • Exploration Geologist, 1981-1988, Exxon Company, USA, Oklahoma City, OK and Houston, TX
  • Hydrogeologist, 1979-1981, Law Engineering Testing Company, Miami, FL