GE 420 Subsurface Site Characterization (co-teach)

Coring, logging, introduction and application of geophysical methods, sampling, and penetrometer testing. Applications require preparation of quality assurance and control procedures, maps, cross sections, and oral and written reports.

GE 421 Geological Engineering Design (co-teach)

Description: Geological engineering design by the application of rock mechanics, soil mechanics, geology, geophysics, remote sensing, and hydrology to geological and engineering problems.


Engr 618 Vadose Zone Hydrology

Theory and application of physical properties and processes governing transport of mass and energy in unsaturated geologic media. Primary attention given to occurrence and movement of water in vadose-zone soil environments; secondary attention given to transport of soil gas and heat. Experimental methods and analytical and numerical models are introduced.

Engr 645 Contaminant Transport

Description: Conceptual and mathematical models for the transport of contaminants in natural systems. Primary attention given to contaminant transport in aquifers, with secondary attention given to transport in the unsaturated zone, in the atmosphere, and at the water-atmosphere boundary.