Teaching/Research Assistants

Students in my research group share a fascination with water and its role in mediating a myriad of physical, chemical, and biological interactions occurring on and within the Earth that allow life to exist.

If this is you, please contact me!

Check out the Hydrology Emphasis graduate program for more information about the study of water in natural systems at the University of Mississippi.

Theses and Dissertations Directed

Senior Honors Thesis

Jenkins, J.L., 2017, Assessment of vadose-zone wells for enhancing groundwater recharge in the Mississippi Delta [Honors College thesis]: University of Mississippi, 52 p., 3 electronic appendixes

Moore, T.G., 2017, Comparing field and laboratory measurements of hydraulic conductivity in the Mississippi Delta [Honors College thesis]: University of Mississippi, 87 p., 1 electronic appendix

Master Thesis

Kwak, Kyungwon, 2019, Field testing and simulation of vadose-zone recharge wells in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer as an artificial recharge method [M.S. thesis]: University of Mississippi, 137 p.

Gratzer, M.C., 2018, Oxbow lake-wetland systems as a source of recharge to the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer [M.S. thesis]: University of Mississippi, 112 p.

Hobart, J.L., 2018, Using adsorption isotherms to describe the fate of anatoxin-a in soils, Grenada County, Mississippi: [M.S. thesis]: University of Mississippi, 73 p.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Kingsley Abrokwah, expected 2020, Hybrid spectral-decomposition artificial neural-network models for simulating forcing-response behavior of hydrologic systems

Michael Gratzer, expected 2022, Use of field- and simulation-based methods to estimate groundwater recharge in meander scrolls of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain