B.S. in Geology (Accredited under SACS)

Geology Program Educational Objectives

The goals of the Bachelor of Science in Geology program are an outgrowth of and consistent with The University of Mississippi’s Mission and Goals. It is our goal to educate students whose professional careers will serve the needs of the nation and the world in geology and related fields. Past graduates of the program have found professional positions in a range of industries including environmental, geospatial information science, natural hazard mitigation,earth resources extraction, hydrology, and graduate education. Future graduates are expected to serve the same range of industries. The objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Geology program are to prepare graduates:

  • Capable of conducting productive careers as professional geologists engaged in continuous professional growth along their chosen career path;
  • Knowledgeable of fundamental mathematics, chemistry, and physics, in preparation for advanced instruction and professional practice in geology;
  • With demonstrated knowledge of the engineering sciences, geological sciences, and geological engineering design fundamentals that are the core of the geological engineering profession;
  • Well versed in the liberal arts and capable of effective written and oral communication;
  • Familiar with modern technology and modern scientific practice, and prepared to engage in lifelong learning to remain vital in the profession.