Geology & Geological Engineering Student Laptop Requirements

Laptops will be required in the following courses:

GEOL 303Structural and Tectonic Geology
GE 301Geological Eng. Design Field Camp 1
GE 401Geological Eng. Design Field Camp 2
GE 405Engineering Geophysics
GE 420Subsurface Site Characterization
GE 421Geological Engineering Design
GE 450Hydrogeology
GE 470Intro to Geographic Information System
GE 540Rock Mechanics
ENGR 340Engineering Geology

Recommended specifications:

Processor:7th Gen. Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen Mobile 5 or better.
RAM:8GB minimum, 16GB or more recommended.
Graphics:Nvidia 750M/AMD Radeon HD 8750M or better recommended*
Screen Resolution:1920x1080 or better.
Hard Drive/SSD:500GB or more recommended.**
Operating System:Windows 7/8/8.1/10†
Ports:USB 2.0/3.0 required
Network:Some department resources may require an ethernet adapter.

*Standard integrated graphics is acceptable for most applications, some applications benefit greatly from dedicated graphics. To see how different graphics cards stack up, you can use the following list as a reference:

**Some applications can use very large files. If your computer has a smaller drive, this can usually be supplemented with an external USB drive.

†A Windows PC is highly recommended for Geology and Geological Engineering students. Students using a Mac may be required to configure Bootcamp on their Mac (note: this requires a Windows license).